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General Information

Monster Hunting is an essential part of Guild Life and will directly assist you in gathering RSS and advancing your heroes as well as contributing to the other players in the guild by providing them with loot.

Monsters appear across the kingdom map in waves and for a set period of time. You expend energy to send heroes to hunt the monsters and eventually kill them for rewards. The rotation of monsters is approximately two weeks for each monster type with a short overlap period when two types might be available.

Collecting monster drops allows you to forge specific items of equipment many of which have better bonuses than normal items.

In the guild cooperating to take down monsters together means rewards for all and allows us to attack and kill higher level monsters for greater rewards.


Like elsewhere in lords mobile Monsters operate on the rock papers scissors model. Each monster has a set of statistics including strengths and weaknesses. Look for the small brown i icon at the bottom left of the monster party screen to access details about the monster. This will allow you to pick the best heroes to place in your party. As you progress this will make a significant difference to the amount of damage you can achieve in a single attack.

Monster Grim Reaper

Damage Type magic damage

Strong Against Magic Attacks

Weak Against Physical attacks

Suggested heroes Oath Keeper, Soul Forger, Death knight, Child of Light, Rose knight, Watcher

Suggested Lineups from Lexi pay characters in italics:

Blackwing - Trickster, Scarlet Bolt, Demon Slayer, Big Boobs, Black Crow

Saber Fang - Snow Queen, Petite Devil or Fairy, Sage, Incinerator, Elemantalist

Mega Maggot - Dark Follower or Elementalist, Incinerator, Petite Devil or Sage, Snow Queen, Fairy

Terrorthorn - Black Crow, Scarlet Bolt, Demon Slayer, Big Boobs, Death Archer

Noceros - Incinerator, Sage, Snow Queen, Petite Devil or Bombing Goblin, Fairy

Gargantua - Incinerator, Sage, Sea Squire, Petite Devil or Bombing Goblin, Fairy

Hell Drider - Trickster, Scarlet Bolt, Demon Slayer, Big Boobs, Black Crow

Jade Worm - Black Crow, Incinerator, Petite Devil or Snow Queen, Dark Follower or Fairy, Elementalist

Snow Beast - Black Crow, Scarlet Bolt, Demon Slayer, Big Boobs, Trickster

Gryphon - Black Crow, Big Boobs, Shade, Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt

Frost Wing - Scarlet Bolt, Petite Devil or Death Archer, Demon Slayer, Incinerator, Black Crow

Grim Reaper - Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt, Big Boobs, Trickster, Black Crow

Mecha Trojan - Ice Queen, Incinerator, Elementalist, Prima Donna, Sea Squire

Tidal Titan - Ice Queen, Incinerator, Elementalist, Prima Donna, Bombing Goblin

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